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If you’re grinding your own meat for this smash burger recipe, freeze cubes of chuck roast in the freezer first to make the process easier.

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An iteration of the French Monte Cristo sandwich, this cherry cristo doesn’t skimp on flavor with bacon, capicola ham, sweet cherries and maple syrup.

If you spend hours a day in your car driving too and from work, you need these Amazon finds from @misskenzierae’s page. Sauce holders let you snack on the road, hooks keep your shopping bags off the floor, and between the seat storage compartment prevents things from falling under your seat.

Want to make the pasta chip equivalent of Tostitos Scoops? Use the shell shaped conchiglie noodles like @cookingwithayeh to create the perfect vessel for marinara sauce.

Even the omnivores at the party will flock to this plant-based version of In-and-Out’s coveted burger. TikTok user @juliescleanplateclub cracked the secret sauce code.

This keto take on a Philadelphia roll from @coolketocouple skips the rice and uses smoked salmon as a wrap instead of nori. Don’t skip the soy, harissa, and rice wine vinegar dipping sauce for extra flavor.

This healthy lunch recipe from @grainofsofia_rd is crisp and refreshing on a hot day. These vegan spring rolls pack a nutritious punch with cucumber, bell pepper, red cabbage, cilantro, mint, avocado, and tofu. The homemade peanut sauce is a must.

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Kick your week off with this recipe for Serbian-style stuffed peppers; the comfort dish is a tale as old as time, but it never seems to disappoint when it comes to flavor.

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Very good packaging on this — the label has a classy, Art Deco-ish feel. I'm not sure what involvement, if any, John Muir's family had in the development of this company, which started in 1991 and was acquired by General Mills in 2000, but the name holds weight, especially in California. I imagine John Muir walking among the sequoias, opening a jar of marinara, sticking a finger in and tasting it. He then strokes his beard and nods sagely.

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