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LETTER: Why think individual freedom more valuable?

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Letters to the Editor

What made some Americans form a malevolent cult of defiance in response to COVID-19? Members refuse vaccination, won’t wear masks or stay out of crowded indoor places and avoid large outdoor events. They say personal freedom is more important than the health of others or our country’s stability, so tens of thousands more have died and millions more have been infected.

Doesn’t the cult realize or care how burnt out healthcare workers are or that COVID-19 patients fill hospitals preventing others from receiving adequate care? What keeps them from understanding when students fall ill, schools must quarantine disrupting education for thousands?

Why do they think individual freedom is more valuable than the trillions spent to keep out economy functioning, and then complain about inflation, higher taxes and excessive debt? Don’t they see how higher healthcare and housing costs are causing bankruptcies and evictions?

This cult says government is too powerful, but when hurricanes, floods and fires strike, they want government help. Some even threaten those who protect us, count our votes, contain the pandemic and educate our students. They believe disinformation and conspiracy theories spread online and by Republican leaders. Don’t they know American democracy is being destroyed?

Last summer’s C-PAC convention could prove what unites the cult, white nationalist speakers encouraged spreading COVID-19 as a patriotic duty decreasing populations of those they deem inferior and disrupting our economy in order to defeat Democrats.

Loyal, moral Americans must vote for responsible leaders who value truth, equality and justice and support the Constitution’s 14th amendment, section 3 that states those violating oaths to the Constitution by supporting insurrectionists and other enemies can’t hold any U.S. or state office, civil or military. Therefore, many Republicans can no longer serve, can they?

Linda Doenitz, Bloomington


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