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LETTER: Terms of man’s imagination

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Letter to the Editor

I am a 98-year-old man who happens to be an atheist. Edifices are fruit to a deity, whether God, Allah, Jehovah, or others, and public officials swear an oath on a holy book. This letter questions such idolatry.

In psychology, there is an area of scholarly study known as concept formation. Our lives are filled with concepts from the concrete to the abstract. An example of the concrete is an umbrella or bicycle and of the abstract such as law or act of Congress.

Concepts possess characteristics, traits, or attributes that is why the traits of an automobile are different from those of a motorcycle or bicycle, spear or javelin.

What are the traits of the deities to which billions of people worldwide worship?

When subjected to concept analysis of other terms which we encounter in our daily lives, the terms of a deity fail, for no attributes or characteristics are known. Rather, one concludes that deities are neither concrete nor abstract, but terms of man’s imagination.

In the age of science and democracy, religion and theocracy are incompatible that is why church and state are separate in the United States.

William Frinsko, Normal


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