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LETTER: October is Respect Life Month

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Letters to the Editor - Pantagraph (copy)

October is Respect Life Month.

Legalized abortion is the Holocaust of our generation. Millions of human lives have been sacrificed for convenience, embarrassment, sexual freedom, etc. There are millions of post-abortion women daily regretting their abortions and suffering deeply. Many are literally forced into abortions by boyfriends, husbands, counselors and parents, and quite often more concerned with their own self-interests. Women and unborn children deserve better.

Recently, Texas restricted their abortion laws. So, last Wednesday, Governor Pritzker sent several letters to Texas businesses, inviting them to re-locate to Illinois where abortion laws are liberal. (The governor wants to make Illinois’ abortion laws a “draw-card” for businesses.)

In Illinois, thousands of helpless unborn children are aborted daily – children “endowed by their Creator with inalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” – children who have been denied everything.

Ask yourself:

Does human life have value? Or are we garbage?

Should unborn children be loved? Or killed?

Should innocent children be given birth? Or death sentences?

Are unborn children from God? Or Satan?

Are civilized? Or barbaric?

Are we Christian? Or heathen?

Are we caring? Or selfish?

Should we love? Or hate?

Should we hope? Or be hopeless?

Do we believe in life? Or death?

Are we responsible? Or are we irresponsible?

Is abortion a right? Or a wrong?

Women and their unborn children both deserve better.

Sue Martensen, Loda


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