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LETTER: Graham announces GOP plan

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Letters to the Editor

Sen. Lindsey Graham has helpfully revealed that Republicans will pass a nationwide abortion ban as soon as they get the chance. Republicans are eager to deprive women, quickly, of their long-established rights. Sen. Graham can hardly contain himself.

GOP strategists, of course, are livid that Sen. Graham threw his “reveal party” ahead of the midterms. He wasn’t supposed to blab about abortion before the election -- it could wreck their chances.

The plan is to end all access to abortion in every state. All abortions will be forbidden no matter what the circumstance, including the life of the mother.

Not long ago -- like, last week -- Republicans were vocal advocates of states’ rights. Now this week they’re against states’ rights.

Republicans fully intend to impose their plan by force, to control women’s bodies and their privacy in every state. They promise to criminalize abortions, the women who seek them, the health care workers who provide them, and anyone who “abets” the “crime” by helping women in crisis.

Throughout America, women in need of medical aid will have nowhere to turn. Women and girls will suffer and die. Victims of rape, incest, and problem pregnancies will receive no mercy. Individual situations and personal freedom will be heartlessly crushed. Infant mortality will skyrocket. The birth rate will plummet. Doctors, nurses, and others will face criminal prosecution. No state (including Illinois), no woman, no family will be safe from the snooping of the GOP. Constant surveillance and anti-abortion enforcers will be required.

So that’s the plan. No, really: that’s it. Sen. Graham ran his mouth when he should have kept the plan secret. But now we know. Count on them to keep this one promise beyond any doubt. If Republicans gain the majority in Congress, they will immediately ban all abortions, nationwide, with no exceptions. Sen. Graham, thanks for the warning.

Larry Gaylord, Normal


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