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LETTER: Election strategy for Democrats

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Letter to the Editor

The Democrats are on a bit of a losing streak right now. Their top guy messed up the Afghanistan troop withdrawal. He ticked off our longest running ally, whom recalled their ambassador for the first time ever. Their open border policy isn’t working down South. Violent crime rates are up all across the nation, and some of their state lawmakers are in the process of defunding police. Their party’s liberal representatives in Congress are not getting along with their socialist members, thus nothing is getting done in Washington. Inflation is setting in, and before you know it those midterm elections will be upon us. Yikes. What should they do?

Answer: Make sure their party’s failures are blamed on someone else. Donald Trump hasn’t been out of office that long. People are used to him being blamed for anything going wrong in America. The Dems need to continue this strategy. Perhaps their dependable buddies in the national news media can run stories more often about John Kennedy and Barack Obama. These two are admired by a lot of Americans, and that historically reflects well on their party.

Of greater concern are those upcoming midterm elections, and they are not looking favorable for Democrats currently. They will need to roll out some professional strength identity politics. Since defending their candidates’ records isn’t an option they will need to make frequent use of the adjectives racist, sexist, fascist, homophobic, etc., when describing their opponents. We all know how easy it is to manipulate American voters. These words hit home with their political base.

Also, it would be helpful to drag out the current COVID restrictions to promote massive no ID required mail-in ballots, which worked well for the Democrats in 2020. After all, politics is a dirty business, and it’s all about winning.

Rick Skelley, Bloomington


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