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LETTER: Editorials are biased, misleading

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Letter to the Editor

The Pantagraph has been using newspaper space trying to convince readers that newspapers present the news, what is happening in the world, and informing citizens with the information they need. Yet the Pantagraph (and others) continually present biased propaganda. Two recent examples stand out: the Oct. 7 editorial from the Chicago Tribune, and (the Oct. 8) editorial from the Dallas Morning News. Of all the editorials in the world, why chose these two, which are filled with innuendos, exaggerations, and misleading statements?

The Tribune announces the current inflation "beast" by blaming the poor and elderly for it. The Tribune mentions no other causes for the inflation "beast" other than two: the recent $15 minimum wage for lower paid workers, and the economic adjustments to Social Security for seniors. The Tribune then implies these items should be examined carefully by the "ignorant young people" for these two items devastating inflationary impact on them. Oh, let's make the low-paid workers and seniors the cause of inflation and also make them the boogeymen in the eyes of the young.

The Dallas Morning News editorial is similarly biased and erroneous. Implying that Biden has not “healed and unified” the people in “nearly a year” in office — eight months, really. The whole editorial is nothing but speculation, exaggeration, and baseless claims, and can be summed up with one of its own sentences: “Whether that is true is hard to say.”

Pantagraph, these two editorials knock down all your celebration of the good done by newspapers.

  Dennis Kirby, Bloomington


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