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LETTER: Discuss the details of abortions

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I’m willing to bet that no telemarketer grew up wanting to be one. The callers are anonymous, so we can’t hate them personally; their deeds are what we hate. In a way, though, we might feel sorry for them. There are no marchers with signs like, “We need to know about our cars’ warranties.” So telemarketers are near the bottom of any list of most-admired people.

What about abortionists? Has any youngster grown up wanting to be one? Fear one who did. Abortionists' deeds are grisly, much more so than pesky phone calls, but they seem to enjoy a great deal of support. Marchers don’t laud them by name as heroes, but strangely label them as healthcare workers. Huh?

And as to marchers, none carries a sign that reads, “I support a pregnant woman’s right to choose to hire an abortionist to kill her developing baby.” Too wordy? Probably. Too frank? Definitely.

Sadly, abortionists' work is highly appreciated by many, those who look beyond and never discuss the details of the deadly work. “Hate the sin, love the sinner,” is severely twisted into “Ignore the sin, tolerate the sinner.” Pro-abortionists need ”them” to do “it” to more than 60 million “problems."

Thomas W. Shilgalis, Lisle


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