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LETTER: Democrats using border crisis

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Letter to the Editor

Have you noticed the lack of news coverage concerning the ever-increasing illegal immigration taking place at our southern border? It was just a short time ago that our generally left-leaning press was reminding us daily of our border security family separation practices going on there. We were bombarded with news segments covering the pros and cons of the border wall under construction. What happened?

My understanding is that our border patrol folks are getting overwhelmed with the mass of border jumpers, and are requesting assistance. Little if any is on the way. Our President, Speaker of the House, and Senate Majority Leader are certainly not in crisis mode over this issue. Aren’t these elected officials here to serve and protect our nation? Why are they ignoring this obvious infringement of our national security?

After careful consideration of this matter, I believe I have the answer. The illegal immigrants are generally poor people and non European in descent. They will likely be dependent on federal, state, and local government authorities for awhile. Since the migrants are part of a growing minority group, they are ripe for racial exploitation. Democrat party leaders at the state and national levels have taken notice. The nurturing and manipulating process is already in the works. These migrants will be taught that they’re entering a nation built on systemic racial injustice, and will require protection. The biased news media, the unofficial mouthpiece for the Democrat Party, will see that this message gets across. Democrat lawmakers promise to provide that protection via "sanctuary cities."

In the minds of Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, no border crisis exists. The mass influx of Latin Americans is actually an opportunity to grow their party. This is nothing more than an exercise in cultivating future votes for harvesting.

Rick Skelley, Bloomington


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