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LETTER: Courts didn't allow evidence to be heard

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Letters to the Editor - Pantagraph (copy)

The national unrest is a concern to many in America. Criticism is rampant. Intolerance and a never-ending judgmentalism fuel the flame(s) of disunity.

The main forces are an emerging far-left radicalism trying to draw the nation away from its founding ideals, and a massive reaction by citizens attempting to hold onto, and preserve, democracy and the foundations of western civilization.

It is time to regain our national equilibrium. In a democracy, there has to be the assurance of fair voting, and a fair counting of the votes. Registered voters deserve to appear at a voting venue, identify themselves, and if anything is amiss, election judges (Republican, Democrat, and etc.) can assess if any identity is questionable.

The root of much turmoil has been the suspicion that votes in some key battleground states (in 2020) were suspect and totals were from questionable participants. Rather than hearing evidence per potential fraud, the courts were timid to listen, even though thousands of election officials gave sworn affidavits subject to perjury. From this, much misunderstanding and passionate shouting back and forth have resulted.

Rather than issuing unkind, snarling words, I suggest citizens spend more time on bended knees and whispering their concerns to the creator God, who is able to comfort and calm hearts -- and to heal our beloved land.

Perry Klopfenstein, Gridley


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