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LETTER: A series of yes and no questions

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Letter to the Editor

Please answer the following yes or no questions:

Do you think people should be able to vote in elections that cannot provide proof of their identity? Is it ok for illegal immigrants and convicted felons to vote? Do you believe there wasn’t any voter fraud committed in the recent federal elections? Does it sound like a good idea to welcome massive undocumented immigrants into our country? Do the words energy independence or Keystone pipeline upset you when spoken? Do you think destructive acts by anarchist groups like Antifa should be tolerated? Does it please you to read about the property destruction resulting from riots in large U.S. cities? Do you believe all non0whites residing in this country are victims of racism? Do you believe successful people should have to apologize for their success? Do you think that reparations should be paid to slave descendants by U.S. taxpayers? Do you think ABC, NBC, CBS, & CNN do a good job of fair and balanced news reporting? Do you think the mainstream media avoids criticizing conservatives, Republican lawmakers, and their ideas? Does the newly prioritized Democrat Party goal of packing the Supreme Court make you feel good about the direction our democracy is headed? Does the nationwide defunding of the police policy embraced by many Democrats give you a secure feeling? Do you think leftist community activists should hold high ranking political positions in America?

If you answered yes to any or all of these questions please seek help immediately. Logic and reason have apparently eluded you. Hopefully, you don’t actually support biased news reporting, court packing, illegal immigration, sloppy state voting laws, destructive rioting, ongoing false claims of systemic racism, defunding police, and any other divisive policy or leftist propaganda talking point conjured up by the donkey logo party.

Rick Skelley. Bloomington


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