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OUR VIEW: Newspaper longtime community connecter

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There’s little that flatters us more than seeing someone post a link to one of our stories.

That’s the kind of grassroots and community support we’ve built. We have prided ourselves as the information provider for Bloomington and the surrounding area for nearly 185 years. We'll celebrate 185 years in January. We report on the community because we have always been a part of the community.

We’re proud to be taking part in National Newspaper Week.

We’ve been a part of life here for almost two centuries. We’ve covered the best and worst of Bloomington. We’ve lived through the best and worst, because we live here.

Often, the primary focus on newspapers is what happens at the large ones, those in Chicago, Washington, New York and Los Angeles. Those papers are important. Their reporters are penning stories that affect the world.

But none of them will cover the Bloomington City Council on a weekly basis. None of them are covering our schools. They’re not tracking the outcomes of crimes. They’re not able to tell you about your community because they’re not there.

We rely as much as ever on input from our readers. They can be where we are not, and more easily than ever now. Smartphone videos and pictures have progressed enough that we can use them in a professional capacity.

Our readers also serve as our sources. That’s important for us. If we’re running news, we’re giving you the source as well. As we learn regularly and painfully, using one person as the sole source for an entire story is only a service to the source, and could be exactly the wrong thing to do.

Some of the things we’re reporting would astonish those who worked on the front lines for the Pantagraph at the beginning, as much as they would be by electricity. There are ways of disseminating information that not even the most visionary of us could have imagined in the year 2000.

We’ve adapted with those changes along with you. We’re not pretending it’s all been smooth, comfortable and easy. But that’s the goal. Accomplishing that goal is a keystone in showing the symbiosis of the Pantagraph and the community of Bloomington and the surrounding area.


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