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'When in doubt, kill," is motto in Iraq

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"Welcome on board. This is your captain speaking."

When you take a plane in 2026, glance at the face behind the warm, welcoming voice of the captain as you deplane. Was he trained in the military. Did he fly over Iraq? A very well conducted John Hopkins study showed that about 100,000 Iraqi civilians died between 2003 and 2005.

Ground troops didn't kill 100,000 Iraqis. The use of indiscriminate air power did. Why so many civilian casualties? Simple. The rules of engagement in Iraq are as follows:

Rule 1: When in doubt, kill. It's OK to kill innocents if you think there's maybe a possibility of killing one bad guy from a country that never attacked us.

Rule 2: How to decide what to bomb? Between troops who could assess the situation more reliably than planes but could be killed, send in planes, even if nobody reliable on the ground has identified the target properly. We'll do DNA testing later! There is a movie released by the military and available to anybody who really searches for it. It looks like this.

We're in the cockpit with the pilot. We see a crowd walking in a street. Pilot: "I got numerous individuals on the road do you want me to take them out?

Voice in radio: "Take them out".

Pilot: "Ten seconds."

Voice in radio: "Roger."

The crowd disappears in a big explosion.

Pilot: "Impact."

Co-pilot: "Oh dude!"

Your hero in the cockpit doesn't know if the people on the ground are insurgents or terrified, innocent civilians trying to escape the bombing of their city? But when in doubt, he'll kill.

Hear the eagerness in his voice to take them out.

If that doesn't give you the nausea, what will?

Philippe Orlando



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