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State's video game crackdown was extreme

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As a 15-year-old, I, like many of my friends, enjoy kicking back and playing some video games. However, just recently, the state of Illinois passed a piece of legislation that will now make the purchasing and renting of games that are sexually and violently explicit illegal to minors, effective Jan. 1.

Many of the games on the market today are inappropriate for some audiences, but I feel that making some of these games illegal for minors to purchase or rent is extreme.

I strongly believe that instead of this course of action that the government took to crack down on video content, it could have been resolved in a number of different ways. We could have looked at different alternatives to achieve the same conceptual goal.

Recently, the movie theaters in town have implemented the use of an "R" card, to allow people of my age to go to R-rated movies with the consent given to them by their parents which is signed for on the "R" card.

Now, I can't speak for everyone, but I can speak for a good majority of people my age when I ask, why couldn't this type of system have been implemented in accordance with the renting or purchasing of these video games? This is just one possible solution that we could have taken to this problem.

The fact is kids will continue to get these games and be subjected to questionable content. However, was the piece of legislation really the only expedient way that was open to government, or could we have tried to implement a different plan?

Adam Larson



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