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    It's been 14 years since the city of Pontiac had a public, outdoor pool. Since then, if you wanted to take a swim, you had to hope for permission to use the indoor pools at Pontiac Township High School or the Elks Club.

    The newest addition to the Field Museum on Chicago’s lakefront will give visitors a glimpse of the largest predatory dinosaur yet discovered. The 46-foot cast of a Spinosaurus skeleton suspended high above the museum’s main hall was unveiled Friday. It will be available for visitors starting Saturday. Field researcher Matteo Fabbri said the cast is about 60% of a skeleton, the most complete specimen of the species. Scientists have long struggled to interpret Spinosaurus fossils to determine the animal’s behavior in life, uncertain whether it swam while hunting or simply waded into water in search of prey.

    OpenHighLowSettleChg.LUMBER27,500 bd. ft.; $ per 1,000 bd. ft.Jul484.5486.5481.0482.0—1.0Sep507.0508.0502.5503.0—4.0Nov522.5522.5519.0519.0—3.0Est. sales 686.Thu.'s sales 625Thu.'s open int 6,908,up 155LIBOR-1 MONTH$3 million; pts of 100 pct.Jun94.780Thu.'s open intn.a.US T. BILLS$1 million;…


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