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real estate transfers

These McLean County real estate transfers were filed in the office of the
McLean County Recorder of Deeds, ending Aug. 27, 2022. Sale prices
are those indicated on the real estate transfer declarations.

1213 Barker St., Jennifer S. and Jason
Poe to Anthony and Jennifer Brown,

II DST to Prep Pharmacy Normal,

2235 N. Bridge Drive, Burce R. and Julie
Thomas to Emily Hale, $599,900.

Drew Hoselton and Kaitlyn Metcalf,

1542 Hunt Drive, Rebecca Lawton to
Craig and Melanie Fata, $138,000.

605 N. Walnut St., Marco and Sara Quiroz
to Daniel C. Lind, $133,000.


45 Pebblebrook Court, Timothy J. and
Kathryn J. Buffey to Matthew Thomas
and Anna Weisbruch, $450,000.

1701 Judine Lane, Adrian F. and Lacey
Mandrell to Kevin and Hannah
Lessmiller, $225,000.

606 S. Morris Ave., Lionel L. Joyce, Jr., to
Lionel L. Joyce III, $140,000.

212 N. Center St., Nancy Christine
Isaacson to Johnie G. and Carol L.
Easter, $200,000.

1314 Winterberry Circle, John Wesley,
Kathryn and Elizabeth Parsley Carter
to David J. and Emily C. Podwojski,

105 Colchester Drive, Ryan and Rachel
Bushue to Adrian F. and Lacey J.,
Mandrell, $265,000.


404 W. Chestnut St., Brendon James
Morelli and Jessica Marie Aude
Paralieu to Mike and Sally Talbert,

603 S. Blair Drive, Thomas Benton and
Nancy Lois Scott to Paige, Dustin and
Jeanne Koehler, $175,000.

203 S. Hershey Road, Judith K. Jackson,
Eunice M. and Jack E. Dale to
Murshedul Islam, $190,000.

5712 Sugaberry Ave., Connie J. and
Michael B. Cooper to Richard
David and Anne Eliza-beth Nicolas,

2701 Fox Trot Trail, Kortney M. Smith to
Martin Coughlin, $202,150.
2513 Monica Lane, Mark Aaron and
Karissa Dawn Yoho to Nathan T. and
Ashley Hein, $310,000.

2305 W. Oakland Ave., Myrna June
Brown to Matt Jamison, $200,000.
8 Rounds Road, Toly Chandy to
Azharuddin Mohammed, $166,000.
119 Washburn St., Tomas and Teofila
Villasenor to Monica P. Burgos Perez,
2815 Richard Road, Michael and Brittany
N. Mocilan to Dan L. Collier, $220,000.
320 E. Mulberry St., Kassandra and
Logan Kwasny to Rodney, Kari
Christine and Edward Knowlton,
204 S. Clinton St., Joseph Corcoran to
Robert and Bob Kalmbach, $97,000.
610 W. Market St., Charles While to
Edward Kostrubala, $191,000.
2002 E. Washington St., Dorothy and
Steve Poa Kennett to Tyler J. Elston
and McKayla Weis, $263,000.
2705 Foxridge Run, Ryan and Rachelle
Leuty to Robert and Ganna Merritt,
805 E. Front St., Norman R. and Eric J.
Lopez, and Judith Chaplin to Civil
Banshee LLC, $165,900.
1905 Stanley Lane, Thomas J. Weber
and Denise A. LaChapelle to David
G. Purlee and Jennifer G. Heather,
1009 Wright St., Danielle Rich to Kyle C.
Campbell, $140,000.
1307 Anderson St., Fred D. and Pamela
J. Scheel to Ricardo M. Romero and
Monica Gar-cia, $180,000.
705 W. Mulberry St., Derek and Marnie
Overton to Mark Paul, $142,000.
1104 Lockenvitz Lane, Praveen K. and
Kavitha Kanamarlapudi to JVK Capital
Investments, $190,000.
1505 Bunn St., Jose Haro to Carlitos
Bernal, $176,900.
602 S. Mercer, Virginia L. Schulz and
McLean County Land Trust to Floyd
and Carol Morefield, $98,000.
618 S. McClun St., Dowd Properties LLC
Bradley to WBB Normal Four LLC,

Jonathan Popper, $130,000.

2107 N. Veterans Parkway, DB Triple
Dipper Restaurant to Brauvin 18 LLC,
25 White Place, Sheila E. Taylor to 23
Group LLC, $120,000.
305 W. Monroe St., Nancy C. Isaacson to
Bruce Johnson, $82,000.

1116 Liberty Road, Andrew G. Yergler to
Agustin Gonzales Davila, $192,200.
209 Keiser Ave., Shane Curtis to Patricia
Tushoski, $119,900.
313 Daisy Lane, Elsie M. Cadieux to
Karen A. and Paul J. Aplington,
105 Nottingham Chase, Molly E. and
Jacob T. Kercheval to Vicente Martinez
Gutierrez, $202,000.
1704 Millstone Drive, DKS Properties to
FC III LLC, $318,000.

2807 Stevenson Drive, Daniel J. and
Carrie Green to Anthony S. and Emily
Lauren Monti-celli, $510,000.

202 Florence Ave., Timothy Powell to
LSB LLC, $216,000.

2004 Fallen Oak Road, Steven J. and
Wendy Copeland to Scott Koets,

1050 Balsam Road, Margaret E.
Fitzgerald and Marc E. Toulon to Brian
J. and Christina Martin, $345,000.

2821 Rutherford Drive, Casey Kimbro to
Dakota Hartley, $212,000.

109 E. Poplar St., Volkmer Group to LG
Home Rentals, $86,000.

1214 W. Olive St., Vivian Elder to Justin
Ryan Zoeller, $35,000.

1053 Osprey Lane, Olabanji and Melissa
Oke to Abishek Malani and Priyanka
Ma-heshwari, $365,000.

3408 McNiff Drive, Jori E. Cooper
Lawson to Obaid Ahmed and Nimra
Sultana, $196,000.
1111 E. Jefferson St., Curt Lesko to
Yvonne Blyth, $132,900.
1907 Wakefield Lane, Scott and Megan
Novotney to Snehalatha Vemula,
1421 Mill Creek Road, Troy and Sally
Stoneking to Joshua L. Frantz,
212 N. Center St., Pedro Bettencourt
and Emika Michelle Ijuin to Travis L.
Phillips, $188,000.
15 Ashling Court, Kathy Miller to Mayank
Kapse and Rutuja Fuke, $233,000.
2514 Airport Road, Mary
Joanne Gamache to Karthick
Sambandhamurthy and Anandalakshmi Karthick, $236,500.
1403 Challis Drive, Connie K. Rapp to
Lester and Sunita Naval, $130,600.
501 E. Emerson St., Kevin Prendergast to
XR Properties, $210,000.
814 E. Monroe St., Dennis Keith
Alexander to Thomas J. and Shelly
Beutow, $66,500.
3 Fedor Circle, Snyder Entities to Jerold
and Anitra Shaffer, $325,000.

Parcel No. 21-34-433-003, David L.
and Carol Specketer to Anne Boe,


1507 Steeplechase Drive, Susan
Brumme to David and Rosemary
Colvin, $325,000.

702 Angela Drive, Aimee Elizabeth Hardy
to Karen and Danielle Doggett Lee,

302 W. Gray Ave., Kelly Casali to

505 W. Raab Road, Pharmacy Portfolio

2111 Dawson Drive, Jessica M. Keller
to Nicholas J. and Gerielle J. Bogus,
1601 ½ Beech St., DJS Apartments to
Toby and Patricia Hoover, and Colleen
Ann Lloyd, $199,250.
1305 Searle Drive, Debra B. Owens
and Catherine E. Alderidge to Sherryl
Rutledge and Bethani R. Cogburn,

14907 North 4100 East Road, Gibson
City, John M. and Barbara Kirkpatrick
to Charles Goff and Kathleen Hubbell,
104 S. Oak St., Clint Hinthorn to Toak
LLC, $9,000.
Blue Mound
25001 East 1500 North Road, Cooksville,
Mark W. and Kelly Stevens to Amy M.
Riley and John R. Donnell, $399,900.
Parcel No. 16-13-300-009, Janet Lea
Smith to R. Keith Smith, $40,000.
Cheney’s Grove
213 W. North St., Saybrook, Ethan Wells
to Duncan M. Goodchild, $140,000.
525 N. Third Ave., Scott Potthast to
Timothy and Kathy S. Barlow, $20,000.
624 Mello Drive, Robert Scott Saffer to

18571 N. Apache Path, Philip Carr to
Andrew J. Huhn, $220,000.
21424 East 650 North Road, Beverly A.
Hamblin to Daren W. and Amanda R.
Hamblin, $175,000.
944 North 2100 East Road, LeRoy, Brian
William and Hunter E. Kaeb to Amber
Lynn and Jeremy Alan Mills, $210,000.
1 Oliver Court, Jeff and Jami Trower to
Allison Vaughn, $155,000.
309 E. Dooley St., John R. Donnell to
Charles Taylor Kean, $130,000.
6 Blue Jay Court, LeRoy, Katherine A.
Moffett to Joseph and Lisa Nusbaum,
115 Prairie Falcon Drive, LeRoy, Richard
Aaron Johnson and Aaron Johnson
Construc-tion to Cory and Erica
Matlock, $438,358.
509 W. Green St., LeRoy, Aaron and
Justine Miller to Jillian K. Carter,

215 E. Eighth St., Gerald S. and Jerry S.
Faulk to Heidi M. Krug, $149,500.
612 Livingston St., Veronica Vaughn to
OPM LLC, $40,000.
108 S. West St., Kathleen A. and Timothy
F. Vroman to Christian Reed and
Betsyanne Ni-cole Williams, $190,000.
Money Creek
22 Bent Tree Lane, Towanda, Tim and
Thomasina B. Crouthamel to Rodney
and Shabeda Pennington, $420,000.
Mount Hope
209 N. East St., McLean, Travis and
Kimberly Nave to Randy and Jena
Ewins, $170,000.
312 N. Hamilton St., McLean, Randy
E. and Jena R. Ewins to Hortense
Hamblin, Andrea England and Matthew
Armstrong, $181,000.
Old Town
19333 Nottingham Drive, Kevin and Lisa
Eckel to Thomas AE Stark and George
J. Burns III, $400,000.

Funks Grove

102 Raef Road, Downs, MMBowers Inc.
to Mark Kattelman, $85,000.

Parcel No. 27-28-200-003, Paul Kahle
and Nancy Ellen Phillips to Mathew
W. Hughes and Connie J. Schneider,

Parcel No. 35-06-300-004, Dennis R.
Stubblefield to Carri Scharf Materials




903 N. Linden St., Presley Dinardi to
Katie, Sally, Richard and James Fisher,
4 Hale Court, Dowd Properties LLC
Beech to Grade A Capital LLC,
24 Ardith Drive, Adam and Caleb
Augspurger and Terry A. Wiebenga
to Perry Neuroth and Cynthia Drozd,
104 Veronica Way, Wilma M. Manahan to
Myrna J. Brown, $200,000.
707 Golfcrest Road North #1, Sandra A.
and Erin Logsdon to Rainbow Housing
LLC, $92,000.
503 Fairview Ave., Charles R. and Joan
M. McGuire to Erica and Sebastian
Rivera, $229,500.
1311 Ogelthorpe Ave., Patrick and Olivia
Kniery to Tahan and Hannah Burnham,
1806 Sage Drive, Michael and Laurie
Kubiak to Rudo Tsemunhu, $310,000.
202 Riss Drive, Anna Marie Yates and
Edna F. Bazik to Donald L. and Linda
M. Penland, $140,000.

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