Buy Photo Reprints

How to order

Ordering photo reprints from the pages of is fast and easy!

In partnership with MyCapture, a leading photo reprint service, offers reprints in a wide variety of sizes, with options to have the prints framed or made into gift items such as mugs or puzzles.

You can order many images found on (some copyright restrictions apply), including the pictures that accompany our stories and images found in our exclusive online photo galleries at

To order a reprint, simply click on the "Buy this photo" link under the image. This will take you to a screen where you will be able to choose the size, framing and gift options.

Once you've chosen your reprint option, you will proceed to the checkout screen where you will be able to make an easy credit card payment and enter the shipping information.

Unframed prints are generally shipped from MyCapture within five business days, while framed prints are sent within 10 days.

Requesting photos not on our site

Can't find a photo on our site that you want? Perhaps you're looking for a photo that appeared in the printed edition of the Pantagraph but not online. In such cases, you can make a special photo request. If the photo is available, we will put it in the online store and notify you so you can buy it.

Keep in mind that we cannot fill all requests. Orders are subject to photo availability and copyright restrictions. We cannot, for example, fill requests for photos that are not in our digital archive, nor can we fill requests for user-submitted photos, Associated Press photos or other wire service photos that appeared in our publications. We can only fill requests for Pantagraph staff photos.

Special gifts

You can also order special gifts featuring our photos, such as mugs and puzzles. These are available by clicking on "Products" tab in the photo order form.